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Radial Bones Hollywood Distortion Overdrive

Distorsori - Overdrive - Booster

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Variable drive gain distortion Modeled after 'American' tube amps Dual mode for clean rhythm & lead Compact to fit on any pedalboard Standard 9 volt power supply operation The Hollywood 'Bone' is a solid-state version of the popular Tonebone Classic distortion pedal. The 'magic' inside is a dual-stage drive circuit that produces sweet yet distinctive tones reminiscent of the best American tube amps from the last half century while delivering real-amp dynamics. This means that when you turn your guitar down the Hollywood will clean up like a real tube amp. Features include: variable drive that lets you dial-in the perfect amount of distortion a powerful dual-band equalizer with Radial's distinctive passive-interactive tone circuit a 3-position 'gain' switch that lets you adjust the drive range from slight grit to extreme overdrive plus a 3-position 'cut' switch that lets you add extra mid-range drive or fatten up single coil pickups. PESO FASCIA MINI